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Our advice will help you use this unique jewellery in a proper way, allowing you to fully expose its beauty.

We will appreciate reading the text below.

ANIMA enhances the nature

Gemstones have a positive impact on health and transmit positive energy. they are considered a natural guardians of human wellbeing. Particular gemstones are connected with a corresponding zodiac signs. Read more about birthstones on our blog.

ANIMA in latin stands for soul

Our designs base also on the use of precious metals like silver. We often dye silver because it allows us to enhance the natural light of our gemstones. Consequently to this our designs share their light with women composing with their emanation.

  1. Necklaces- The designs with multiple cords of stone are suggested to be worn twisted to obtain an enhance effect of transitions between stones.
  2. Length- By twisting the necklaces, it is also possible to adjust their length.
  3. When the cords get too tangled, first activity done by its user should be opening its clasp. A gentle shake simultaneous with holding the clasp might be helpful.
  4. If the bindings between the elements disconnect by themselves we offer to our clients covering the cost of repair and shipping.
  5. The silver wire binding the elements might not hold strong pressures. If by any occasion the jewellery has been damaged by pressures applied by their owner a repair in our atelier is possible.
  6. Necklaces with large attractive clasp are suggested to be worn with class on the side to enhance its beauty.
  7. It is advised to occasionally wash the gemstones especially pearls with a water containing a small dose of soap.
  8. Some of our products are dyed in case of the products leaving marks on clothes or skin please wash them with a certain detergent or return this product to our store.
  9. Our designers obtain certain effects in their designs by oxidation of the silver parts. These might effect in a darker expression of silver as a colour. If we don’t want to reach this effect we don’t use the oxidation process of the silver parts, but the effect may occur along the time of using a product containing silver parts. It is possible to clean them according to customs of cleaning silver.
  10. Some of the products are gold plated to obtain a certain expression. The process can be repeated by atelier when the necessity occurs.
  11. W advise keeping gemstones in separate sacks, to avoid damage and unintended oxidation
  12. Each and every design is unique because of the nature and shape of the stones. Even if we sell each pattern more than once it’s guaranteed that none of the sold item is exactly the same with the other.

We sincerely hope that our jewellery brings you lots of joy.

We wish you a pleasant use,


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